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O-ring Sizing Charts

Here is a collection of all of our O-ring kit sizing charts.

There are two different sizing charts. One is a visual sizing chart that you can print out and compare the o-rings to for size. The other is a list showing dimensions and sizes of each o-ring size.

Instructions for these sizing charts:

  1. Left click file to open in a new window. (Or right click and choose save as.., and save it where you would like it on your pc. Then skip to step 3).
  2. Once open, click on the save button to save the pdf file. Save it to any location you like on your pc.
  3. Open the file on your pc. To open the file, you will need adobe reader installed. If you do not have adobe reader, download it here: It is a free download.
  4. Go to - print.., under - File - when viewing the pdf to print it.
  5. Ensure that - Page Scaling - on older adobe versions, is set to none in the dropdown box. Also make sure that the Auto-Rotate and Center box is unchecked. If these are not done, adobe will scale the page down to 94% and the sizes will not be correct when printed.
  6. On the newer Adobe versions, make sure to choose Actual Size, under Size Options. If using another pdf reader just make sure to print it in full or actual size with no scaling.
  7. Then Click ok, and it will print out!
  8. To ensure you have the right size once printed, measure the cross section lines. These should be exactly 1/2 inch tall each.

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O-ring Kit Sizing Charts

Standard O-rings Measurement Sizing Chart Standard O-rings Visual Sizing Chart


Metric O-rings Visual Sizing Chart