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Dangerous Power 750 Piece Master Marker O-ring Kit

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This kit comes with 27 different sizes of the most common sizes used in Dangerous Power paintball products, totaling 750 pieces!!!

The kit comes housed in a plastic divided container about the size of a  book, that is perfect to throw in your gear bag and take with you. The case measures 10.5" x 6.5" x 2", small enough to take anywhere, but big enough to hold all of these o-rings! Inside the kit is a label arranged to match the corresponding tray for each o-ring for easy use and finding the o-ring you need. The smaller o-rings are in individually labeled baggies to keep them from accidentally getting mixed up with other sized o-rings.

The picture shows the type of plastic kit you will be getting, the exact sizes shown are not necessarily the ones you will be receiving in your kit. Picture is for example only, please see below for the exact contents of the kit for sale in this auction.

Included in the kit is each of the following :

  • 1x2mm B70 40pc
  • 1x3mm B70 25pc
  • 1x6mm B70 25pc
  • 1x7.5mm B70 25pc
  • 1x20mm B70 25pc
  • 1.5x5mm B70 25pc
  • 1.9x5.8mm B70 30pc
  • 1.9x13mm B70 25pc
  • 1.9x13.8mm B70 30pc
  • 1.9x15.8mm B70 30pc
  • 2x5mm B70 25pc
  • 2x7mm B70 25pc
  • 2x9mm B70 25pc
  • -007 B70 25pc
  • -008 B70 35pc
  • -009 B70 25pc
  • -011 B70 25pc
  • -012 B70 25pc
  • -013 B70 25pc
  • -015 B70 40pc
  • -016 B70 25pc
  • -017 B70 25pc
  • -018 B70 25pc
  • -020 B70 25pc
  • -022 B70 25pc
  • C02 tank o-rings 50pc

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This kit will rebuild* most DP markers, including G3, Fusion F7, Threshold, and many more...

*There is no certain amount of rebuilds in the kit since it can be used for many markers and purposes.

This is an aftermarket kit designed to fit all of the parts of the marker including the bolt and any regulators.

All of the O-rings in this kit are made from Buna-N rubber and are in the same durometer / hardness found in the markers manual or from the original marker itself. Most of our kits now include extra o-rings based on common aftermarket additions, customer requests, and or o-rings that we feel are more heavily used in the kit. Our kits do not include any U-cup Seals, Square rings, X rings or Quad rings unless specifically stated.

The picture shows what is included for one complete rebuild. The insert includes a list on the reverse side explaining placement within the marker.

O-ring Sizing Charts are available here on this website.

The O-Rings-

Are Our kits factory?

No, they are aftermarket kits designed and put together by us. Each kit is intended to fit the marker or regulator named in the title of the auction.

What's the difference between urethane, silicone, viton and buna o-rings?

The differences between these materials have a lot to do with what chemicals and temperatures they can tolerate, but they also have a lot to do with personal preference as well. Some people prefer silicone because they say that it withstands more abuse, and some people say buna does. From our experience, Buna is by far the way to go with paintball. It is good in a wide array of temperatures, can last a long time, seals great, and is nice and inexpensive.

And what is the 70 and 90 durometer thing you keep mentioning?

The 70 and 90 durometer is simply a measurement or the hardness of the material. Different hardnesses are better used in different situations. All of our kits follow the marker manufacturers recommended durometer for each o-ring. Your kit will have some o-rings in 70 and some in 90 or other durometer, but they will be the same hardness as the ones currently in your marker already, respective to each o-ring.