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1535 piece Metric O-ring Warehouse Kit

  • Model: 1535metric
  • 9 Units in Stock


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This kit comes with 20 different size o-rings, totaling 1,535 o-rings!

The kit comes housed in a plastic organizer cabinet with drawers that is wall mountable or able to sit on a shelf. For the shipment, all o-rings will be in individually labeled baggies, and labels for each drawer will be included as well for you to affix to the drawers. Compartment drawer organizer may be slightly different than pictured but will be very similar if not identical.

Included in the kit are each of the following :

  • 1x2mm 75pc
  • 1x3mm 75pc
  • 1x4mm 75pc
  • 1x5mm 75pc
  • 1x6mm 75pc
  • 1x7mm 75pc
  • 1x8mm 75pc
  • 1x7.5mm 75pc
  • 1x17mm 75pc
  • 1x20mm 75pc
  • 1.5x5mm 75pc
  • 1.9x5.8mm 75pc
  • 1.9x13mm 45pc
  • 1.9x13.8mm 45pc
  • 1.9x15.8mm 45pc
  • 2x5mm 75pc
  • 2x7mm 75pc
  • 2x9mm 75pc
  • 2x14mm 75pc
  • C02 Tank O-rings 200pc