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500 piece General Purpose Metric Size Master O-ring Kit

  • Model: 500pcmetric
  • 18 Units in Stock


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This kit comes with 19 different sizes of the most common metric paintball o-rings, totaling 445 o-rings, and also included are 55 C02 tank o-rings.

The kit comes housed in a double sided Plastic divided container that is perfect to throw in your gear bag and take with you. The case measures 6" x 4" x 2", small enough to take anywhere! Inside the kit is a label arranged to match the corresponding tray for each o-ring for easy use and finding the o-ring you need. The smallest of these o-rings will be in individually labeled baggies to keep them from becoming mixed with other sizes.

Included in the kit is each of the following :

  • 1x2mm 25pc
  • 1x3mm 25pc
  • 1x4mm 25pc
  • 1x5mm 25pc
  • 1x6mm 25pc
  • 1x7mm 25pc
  • 1x8mm 25pc
  • 1x7.5mm 25pc
  • 1x17mm 25pc
  • 1x20mm 25pc
  • 1.5x5mm 25pc
  • 1.9x5.8mm 25pc
  • 1.9x13mm 15pc
  • 1.9x13.8mm 15pc
  • 1.9x15.8mm 15pc
  • 2x5mm 25pc
  • 2x7mm 25pc
  • 2x9mm 25pc
  • 2x14mm 25pc
  • C02 tank o-rings 55pc